S.Amelyanovicha Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

Опубликовано: 30 January 2017   1109
Dear colleagues! Dear friends! Veterans of the industry!
We heartily congratulate you on the wonderful holidays - Christmas and New Year
!  The past year - the sign: in September the industry celebrated the 80th anniversary of the establishment of forest management authority in Belarus. Over the years, the forest industry of our country has passed a difficult but fruitful way. Today Belarus is not just forest grows. And domestic and foreign experts note the progress of forestry technologies and equipment, continuous development of forest infrastructure and many other positive changes in the Belarusian forestry.
 This wealth of experience, professionalism and dedication of those who are working in the forestry industry allow to overcome any difficulties, including natural character. This is eloquently how efficiently and harmoniously manage to cope with the effects of disaster, corrupted the Belarusian forest in summer. First and foremost, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the employees of the sector for caring and helping! Together we will be able to cope with this disaster.
 These holidays do not want to speak at length about the difficulties. After all, today it is only important that all the successes - thanks to you! This is the result of your professionalism, intellectual potential and diligence, ability to preserve and enhance the glorious traditions in communities. Special words - industry veterans and pensioners. Your honest and hard work have helped it to become the industry as it is now. Retaining all the best, we will move forward.
 Dear friends! Let the New Year bring all the only good change, it will be the year of the intentions and good deeds. Let it will be extremely successful and happy! Will be remembered for new achievements, performance conceived and lots of bright, positive moments! Good health to you and your loved ones!
 Happy New Year! Be happy!
  Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus
Michael Amelyanovich